Record Breaking Jury Award- 4th Largest Wrongful Death Verdict in Texas

Alex Hilliard & John Duff Earn No.4 Under Wrongful Death in the Texas Verdicts Hall of Fame

Corpus Christi, TX- It was announced today that two of Hilliard Martinez Gonzales Law Firm (HMG Law Firm) attorneys Alex Hilliard and John Duff earned a record-breaking jury award as the 4th largest wrongful death verdict in Texas. With it being the 4th largest in Texas, these local attorneys earned the No.4 spot in the Texas Verdicts Hall of Fame. At just 29 years old, in the first jury trial of their career, these young men went head to head against seasoned defense attorneys – and won. Their unwavering commitment to their client, and formidable talent in the courtroom, has definitely not gone unnoticed which has earned them this great, prestigious award.

For more information about the case: Trucking Company To Pay 18m 

About HMG Law Firm: Hilliard Martinez Gonzales, LLP has been successfully representing clients in the United States and Mexico since 1986. Our experienced, tenacious legal team has earned a national and international reputation for taking on large, powerful, wealthy companies and bringing them to justice for causing personal injury or wrongful death.

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