Prescription & Drug Errors Lawyer

Every year, thousands of people in this country suffer harm due to drug errors, according to Medical Principles and Practice. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to these dangerous mishaps. The prescribing physician might write the wrong dosage or instructions, or the pharmacist might fill it incorrectly.

The lawyers from Hilliard Martinez Gonzales can serve as your advocate if you or a loved one suffered harm due to a medication error. Our prescription and drug errors lawyers can seek compensation for you.

Our Lawyers Can Handle Your Prescription and Drug Errors Case

Your legal team will tailor our services to meet your needs. You might not require all of the services we offer, but we’re here to help should your needs change. We could assist you by:

  • Filling out all necessary paperwork
  • Helping you stay within the relevant statute of limitations
  • Assigning a value to your case
  • Negotiating for a fair award
  • Making your case in court, if the need arises
  • Answering your questions
  • Updating you throughout the case
  • Protecting your rights

Many are familiar with the Hippocratic Oath medical staff must uphold. Your lawyer will show that a healthcare provider failed to meet these standards.

Do you need a lawyer to obtain a settlement or award?

No, you are not required to retain a lawyer to file a claim or lawsuit. However, taking on the insurance company and the other party’s lawyer might be too cumbersome to handle alone. Further, hiring an attorney can increase the likelihood of obtaining a larger settlement.  

The Damages You Could Receive in a Prescription and Drug Errors Case

You may be able to recover a financial award for the negligence you or a family member suffered. Medical professionals have a standard they have to uphold. This includes keeping patients safe. Failure to do so is not only unethical but dangerous.

Possible losses you may be experiencing include:

Pain and suffering

The drug error might have had a negative physical effect on your body. You could have taken a medication that weakened your heart or led to temporary vision loss. You can seek recovery for these damages. We will evaluate your situation and determine fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Medical costs

Hospital stays as well as ambulance trips are included as recoverable medical costs. Treatments, new (and correct) medication, x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and more could qualify you for compensation. Additional items such as wheelchairs and other medical equipment as well as outpatient therapies may also be included.

Your lawyer taking prescription and drug errors cases will help ensure you recover all  costs and expenses you are entitled to as a result of negligence.

Mental anguish

This experience could have left you with trauma, including anxiety or distrust of those trying to help you. Inability to enjoy your old hobbies or a change in your romantic relationship also qualify.

Wrongful death

You might have lost a loved one to a prescription or drug error. Let Hilliard Martinez Gonzales fight for justice on your family’s behalf. We can secure an award that can help your family through this difficult time. 

This award may cover funeral and burial expenses, your loved one’s pain, medical costs from before their passing, and loss of inheritance or income.

How Your Accident Could Have Occurred

Medication Dispensing Errors and Prevention” notes that over 7,000 people die due to medication errors in the United States every year. You are not alone in suffering this kind of medical malpractice. However, just because it happens too often doesn’t mean you can’t seek compensation.

We could hold the at-fault parties responsible for their actions. Such individuals include those that have access to your medication. Prescription errors may involve:

  • A doctor prescribing the wrong medication or a drug that contraindicated with another medication
  • A pharmacist dispensing the incorrect medication
  • A pharmacist dispensing the correct medication, but in the wrong dosage
  • A pharmacist mislabeling the prescription
  • A hospital giving medication to the wrong patient

The manufacturer of the drug could have also made a mistake when bottling or labeling the product. Our team will investigate the cause of your injuries and condition.

Time is of the Essence

You have a limited time to file a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer will inform you of the deadline in your case. The insurance companies have their own time frames as well. Waiting to file a claim may affect both whether you’re able to recover damages and the amount.  

Potential issues if you delay include: 

  • The liable party could dismiss your claim.
  • The insurance company could contest the nature of your condition.
  • The courts could dismiss your case with prejudice.
  • You could be unable to recover compensation.

Our Team has been Honored with Awards

We have received recognition from many groups for our commitment to our clients and our fight for justice. These include:

  • An AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell
  • Acceptance into the National Board of Trial Advocates (for our partners Bob Hilliard and Rudy Gonzales, Jr.)
  • A place in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers several years running for Bob Hilliard

Call Our Team to Get Started on the Path Toward Justice

Mistakes happen, but there is no reason for you or your loved one to suffer as a result. You deserve compensation if a prescription drug error has harmed you. Hilliard Martinez Gonzales has years of experience representing victims of prescription and drug errors.

Call Hilliard Martinez Gonzales at (361) 882-1612 for a free consultation. If we determine that you have a case, we will represent you on a contingency-fee basis. This means we only get paid if we recover for you.