Leslie M. Tyroch earned her law degree from Texas A&M University School of Law in Fort Worth, Texas after completing her undergrad at Texas A&M University, graduating as a Presidential Scholar with dual bachelor’s degrees in International Politics & Diplomacy and Business Administration.

While pursuing her Juris Doctorate, Ms. Tyroch traveled throughout the nation competing with the A&M School of Law Moot Court Appellate Advocacy Program.  In addition to refining her orator and advocacy skills via national competition, Ms. Tyroch honed her legal writing acumen as a judicial clerk to the Honorable Justice Bill Meier at the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, Texas. Ms. Tyroch spent almost two years under the tutelage of Justice Meier and his staff attorneys, authoring or co-authoring several opinions issued out of the Second Appellate District, including publication of the opinion she authored in Cook v. State, 328 SW3d 95 (Tex. App. – Fort Worth 2010), which still serves as legal precedent in factual and legal sufficiency analyses for establishing deadly weapon enhancements for motor vehicles in intoxication offenses in Texas.

As an attorney working with HMG’s Principal Trials Group, Ms. Tyroch utilizes over a decade of legal practice and experience to zealously represent the interests of clients and maximize compensation for wrongful injuries.

Leslie is licensed by the State Bar of Texas.