Josh Henderson

Prior to joining HMG as the Litigation Development Attorney Manager, Josh Henderson has had an extensive career in personal injury practice and management. In his nearly 10 years of experience in the personal injury field he has launched branch offices for major personal injury firms and managed attorney teams ranging up to 10 active attorneys and 30 active staff.

Josh’s focus as an attorney manager is one of leveraging technology and systems to streamline the litigation development process in a way that provides clients with the greatest customer service experience, the most knowledgeable teams available to them, the most efficient handling of their cases and the best opportunity to maximize recoveries. In short, he is focused on quality each step of the way as his team is fully preparing for trial on every matter.

Josh’s focus as an attorney manager has been shape by the diversity of his past experience. He is the son of retired Lieutenant Colonel (USMC). Josh was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico but has lived in California, Texas and Japan while growing up. His work experience is diverse as well, including a Senate Internship in Washington, D.C.; training with the United States Marine Corps while attending Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia; managing an oilfield aviation company in the Permian Basin that included equipment procurement travel to Sweden; and owning and operating a business management consulting firm with experience in growing businesses in over 20 different industries.

Josh believes that HMG’s relationship with our clients begins at some of the most difficult times of our clients’ lives and that as highly trained professionals and truly compassionate people, we have the greatest opportunity to provide them the comfort of knowing that their case is as important to us as it is to them, that we communicate with them in a way they understand and that with us they are going to get the best results legally possible.