Yesterday, the Honerable Robert Schaffer presiding over the 152nd Civil District Court in Harris County Texas denied three Motions filed by the Astros that sought to dismiss a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of ticket-holders alleging monetary losses as a result of the Astros' infamous sign-stealing scheme that ultimately resulted in the Astros fraudulently securing the World Championship title.

CORPUS CHRISTI, TexasSept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Astros tried a three-hold legal approach to get rid of the fans’ suit, filing two Motions to Dismiss under different statues, including one claiming, unbelievably, that the Astros’ cheating was entitled to First Amendment protection, and a Motion for Summary Judgment, claiming the suit must be thrown out because no one has ever succeeded on suing a sports team for what the Astros claimed was “on the field play.”

The attorneys for the Astros Fans, Robert C. Hilliard and Marion M. Reilly of Hilliard Martinez Gonzales LLP, along with Mitch Toups of Weller Green Toups & Terrell, L.L.P. and Richard Coffman of Coffman Law Firm stand behind Judge Schaffer’s ruling.

Marion M. Reilly, who argued against the Astros’ Motion to Dismiss stated, “Judge Schaffer got it right. The fact that the Astros claimed the Constitution protected their ability to defraud thousands of consumers who spent their hard earned money on Astros’ season tickets is absurd. When you rely on a sellers’ statements to buy something of value, those statements must be true. The Astros lied and cheated, it’s plain and simple. And they took advantage of upstanding Texas citizens—the fans—in the process.”

Bob Hilliard, attorney for the fans states, “This is going to be painful for the Astros. But it’s a deserved pain. Under oath, the full extent of front office and top executive involvement in the genesis of this cheating playbook, should finally become crystal clear.

Perhaps this permanent stain on a once proud team will fade some over time. But for now, and maybe forever, the Astros wear a label of shame that prevents players, sports fans and youngsters everywhere from having any respect for this franchise, or anyone associated with it.”

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