But America without her Soldiers would be like God without His angels.
Today, we praise America’s Finest. Our brave men and women in uniform – the heroes of our nation.

Americans honor every veteran, and every active duty member, from every branch of the U.S.
military, in every period of war and peace – for their service, for their sacrifice.

Through the shining dust of centuries, they heard the call, inviting them to be part of something
bigger than themselves – they heard the call to serve. They are the men and women in uniform,
these selfless souls who proudly answered that call and shouldered the obligation with valor – For duty. For honor. For country.

They don’t don capes.
Their last names don’t decorate the backs of jerseys.

They are the great men and women in uniform, who proudly wear their country’s flag on their arm.
You can recognize them by their reverence for this country.

By their admirable sense of duty.
By the virtue of their character.

They walk valiantly among the souls of their departed brothers: The fallen heroes who, though they sleep in dust, die never, for their courage nerves a thousand living men.

They shoulder their duty with pride, willing to sacrifice their lives, not out of hatred for what is in front of them, but out of love for what is behind him.
They do this seeking neither prestige nor praise, but for the perseverance of liberty – for our children, for our children’s children, and for every generation to follow.

These men and women who follow admirably in the footsteps of those who came before them.
They are the heartbeat of our great nation.
We praise the nobility of their character and the purity of their patriotism – of those who have gone, those who remain, and those who are still to come.

HMG is proud to have military heroes on their team. Our gratitude is just one small spark in the
flame of pride that burns across the nation. It is how we say thank you, to them and their family members.
It is how we show them that we remember and how we promise they will never be forgotten.

We honor the courage of their souls – yesterday, today, forever.

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