JANUARY 20, 2023

Attorneys Bob Hilliard and Ben Crump Release Statement Following Preliminary Hearing in Earl Moore, Jr. Case

SPRINGFIELD, IL  – Nationally renowned Attorneys Bob Hilliard of Hilliard Martinez Gonzales LLP, Corpus Christi, TX, and Ben Crump, released a statement following the release of evidence in the preliminary hearing involving the LIfeStar EMS workers whose negligent actions led to the death of Earl Moore, Jr.

Bob at the EMJ Press Conference
Figure 1: Attorneys Bob Hilliard and Ben Crump stand with Rose Washington, the mother of Earl Moore, Jr., and Teresa Haley, Illinois State NAACP President. Photo Courtesy of Nick Adams, 1221 Photography, Springfield, IL

During a medical emergency, Moore was forcefully positioned face down in prone state on an ambulance stretcher. Video shows that LifeStar employees Peggy Finley and Peter Cadigan tied Moore face down to the stretcher. It is alleged that the straps were so tight that Moore suffocated. Attorneys for the family announced a lawsuit naming LifeStar EMS and employees Peggy Finley and Peter Cadigan individually as defendants. Finley and Cadigan have been charged with first-degree murder.

Startling evidence released today includes:

  • A recorded call in the van in which the female EMT (Finley) states, “I’m not messing with his vitals. Not poking the bear.”
  • Testimony from a pathologist who stated that Moore’s rib fractures were caused by the restraints that were too tight, not from CPR.
  • Training records obtained from May and June 2022 showing that both EMS techs were trained not to place anyone in a prone position.

Attorneys Crump and Hilliard have issued the following statement:

“These new facts, though disturbing, are consistent with the conduct seen in the video – that led to the needless death of Earl on that night.

“Had Earl’s vitals been checked during his transport to the hospital, as was standard medical procedure, it would have been immediately apparent that he was in grave and life-threatening danger, from being tightly strapped face down on the gurney. Instead, this man, a son and a loving brother, was compared to an animal and allowed to slowly and painfully suffocate inside of an ambulance filled with all the medical equipment necessary to have saved him.”

Jennifer Hightower, Ben Crump, Bob Hilliard release statement
Attorneys Jennifer Hightower, Ben Crump, and Bob Hilliard speak at a press conference on behalf of the family of Earl Moore, Jr. Photo courtesy of Nick Adams, 1221 Photography, Springfield, IL



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