In recent years, millions of individuals have turned to CoolSculpting treatments as a way to remove excess fat in problem areas.  CoolSculpting is a cosmetic procedure promoted as an “FDA-cleared, noninvasive body contouring technology” that “targets stubborn fat in the areas that bother you the most.” According to their website, CoolSculpting works by freezing “trouble spots” which kills fat cells, leaving the patient with a more toned appearance. It has become a popular alternative to LipoSuction.

Unfortunately, many CoolSculpting patients have experienced devastating side effects following treatment.  One of the most serious side effects is a condition known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH).  PAH involves the growth of fatty cells and/or hardening of the skin, in the treated area. The CoolSculpting website provides that the risk of side effects is “1 to 10 out of 10,000.” A recent Canadian study found that the frequency is likely much higher, estimating that PAH occurs in one out of every 666 procedures.

In patients with PAH, the treated area becomes larger rather than smaller in the weeks after the procedure.  In some instances, surgical liposuction can address this complication. However, many times the damage is permanent.

Other injuries include deformities in the treated areas, including Treatment Area Demarcation (TAD), severe pain, frost bite, hernias, tissue inflammation and dizziness/nausea.

If you have developed unwanted side-effects as the result of undergoing a CoolSculpting procedure, we want to help.  The knowledgeable attorneys at Hilliard Martinez Gonzales LLP have years of experience assisting individuals who have been harmed as a result of dangerous medical procedures.  For more information, please visit


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