1. Put Your Safety First. Once the storm has passed and your check to see if your business property is safe and clear to asses for damages.  Create a place to keep your storm related documents organized such as your policy with policy number, deductible, and claim department phone number.


  1. Document What Happened and the Damages. Take plenty of pictures and videos of the damages around your business property in a safely manner.  Some good things to take photos and videos of are roof damage, structural damage, leaks from roof or wall, exterior wall damage, interior damage, window and door damage, and A/C units.


  1. Keep Your Receipts. You may have to make temporary repairs to keep your business going or prevent any further losses.  Keep these receipts because you may be able to get reimbursed for these costs in your claim.


  1. Call Your Insurance Company. When you call make sure that you document the conversation you have with your insurance company.  Some key things to document would be topics of items discussed, important dates, actions agreed to, deadlines, and which representative you spoke with.


  1. Request a Final Copy of Your Inspection Report.  When you meet your adjuster for your inspection make sure to take notes of your conversation.  Make sure the adjuster inspects your property for all hail related damage.


  1. Look for a Contractor for Repair Estimates. You don’t have to use a contractor referred to you by your insurance company.  Make sure to see that they are state licensed to provide a thorough inspection and cost estimate for repairs.  Document all costs, time, and labor it will take to make the repairs.


  1. Get a Fair Payout for the Hail Damage. Make sure that your insurance company’s offer and your contractor’s repair estimate align before starting any repairs.  If you feel that you are unhappy with your insurance company’s payout or if your claim is denied don’t hesitate to contact HMG Law Firm to get you fair coverage.  We have free consultation and you don’t pay anything unless you win.           

hailstorm on car

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