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candice anderson

Photo taken by: Mark Graham for The New York Times

General Motors knew that the defective ignition switch in Candice Anderson’s 2004 Ion caused the accident that killed her boyfriend, Mikale Erickson and severely injured Candice. The company watched silently as Candice, still recovering from her life-threatening injuries, was indicted and prosecuted for criminally negligent homicide.

Candice believed she was at fault and pled guilty, spending years wracked by guilt about Mikale’s death. Then the National Highway Safety Administration confirmed that the accident was caused by the Ion’s ignition locking in accessory position, which caused the brakes and steering to fail. Candice was innocent of her loved one’s death.

Bob Hilliard brought a civil case against GM for their cynical, cruel willingness to let Ms. Anderson take the blame. Hilliard said,” Mike Erickson died because of GM. His young daughters lost a dad, his mom lost her only son and Candice lost the love of her life.”

A Texas judge cleared Candice Anderson of all blame for accident.